Sunday Stress Test before Beta starts!

(Pasting Tygerlily's Discord announcement here.)

Hey, everyone! We're finally ready and excited to test our server out tomorrow. I apologize for such short notice, but we wanted to make sure we were ready and not delay any longer. We're hoping everything goes smooth enough so that we can run a beta test during the week and launch not long after! Hope to see many of you tomorrow to stress the hardware out with us and help us make sure the coming launch will be a success. :)


Just some more information for today:

1. You will not be in the overworld/spawn today (that will be in beta.)
2. Things done today will not be saved: it’s strictly for testing purposes
3. IF however, you come together and build something cool, we potentially will use it somewhere in Valoria.
4. The same RULES apply for the stress test tonight. If you are overly disruptive you will be removed and will not be able to play for the beta test starting next week.
5. Folks that come on for the stress test and beta will earn a special title and a mini pet as thanks for helping us get ready for launch!

We look forward to finally playing with you all and hope our initial tests will get us all playing very soon! We’re looking forward to seeing you all today! Wohoo!


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