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New Community Town Event
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New Community Town Event!

This weekend Valoria will open its doors for everyone to join us in a new community town. There will be things for anyone and everyone to do (even if you are a town owner or belong to another town). So share the post with friends, neighbors, discords alike and get your team together for some future town wide events and challenges!

Also the weekend:
- New Player Spawn
- New Player Walk-through
- New Beginner Items
- Free to start a town (5-10 to 5-12)
- Additional Plot Claims

Server IP:

St. Patrick's Day Celebration!

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Come one come all, Irish or not! And celebrate with the Valoria community this
SATURDAY March 16th @ 4:00pm EASTERN TIME

We'll be hosting our first AUCTION HOUSE event!
So be sure to save that money!

The web store is also having a holiday sale on RANKS and CRATE KEYS!​

20% Off All Ranks and 10% Off Keys!
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Celebrate with St. Patrick's Day with Valoria MC.

Holiday sale 20% Off All Ranks and 10% Off Keys till 3/21!
Valoria Dungeon: Introduction to the Cult
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The Valoria team proudly presents, Introduction to the Cult, the long awaited Chapter 1 of our 3 part Valorian Dungeon series.

Discover the quests, strange creatures, and hidden treasures that lurk below!

Launching this Thursday evening @ 6:00PM EASTERN TIME. Sharpen your blade! Brew some mastery potions! And prepare yourselves for some mob slaughter this weekend!

Valoria Doungenons - Introduction to the Cult - Image 4 Light.png

Valoria Doungenons - Introduction to the Cult - Image 1.png Valoria Doungenons - Introduction to the Cult - Image 2.png Valoria Doungenons - Introduction to the Cult - Image 3.png
Boosts through the entire weekend!
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50% more jobs money and experience boost, plus 25% artifact boost through the entire weekend!

You may also encounter new mobs types while in the regular world. Currently, you may find spider eggs in your town but they shouldn't actually spawn spiders if they're in town. Either way, be on your guard!
Happy Valentines Day
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Don't think we forgot about the approaching holiday!

We have an event planned not just for lovebirds, but hey, lets face it, Valentines Day is a holiday based around "LOVE" - so prepare for cheesy cuteness and lots of booze!
Happy New Year!
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Who wants to bring in the new year with a Valorian Party? We are hosting a New Years Eve Bash.

Tyger, Quixa, and Jab are currently hosting another round of Gift or No Gift and we will have a brewing competition while serving drinks at The Kraken Tavern.

So join us while we ring in 2019 with the awesome community of Valoria. Everyone is invited.

Wishing you a happy new year!
Winter Event
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Happy Holidays from the Valoria Team!

We have activated a server-wide 25% Artifact Boost for the entire day of Christmas!

There is still a store wide sale for 10% off any items until January 1st.

Starting Sunday, there will be a winter themed town, Winterton, accessible via the /warp command.

We will be hosting Winter Events and competitions on Sunday December 23rd as well for special prizes!

Server is Open! Come Join Us!
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Server is Open! Come Join Us!
Official Launch: Friday Dec. 21st!
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The Valoria Staff team would like to announce the server's official LAUNCH this FRIDAY, December 21st, 2018 at 7:00 EST!


via - Jaabberwockie - Discord Announcements
Open Beta
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Open Beta
Open now for a limited time

Login Now At:

Hope to see you on the server soon!
Welcome to the Valoria MC website!
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As you can see the website is up, but it is still a work in progress. So please note we are building it out and it will likely change over the next several days. There are some known bugs, but if you want, feel free to post anything you find in the bug forum.